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I believe…
In God, the Creative Force who spoke the universe into being, and in whose image all humanity has been created. This same God loves and honors all of creation, and entrusts us with the stewardship and care of the planet and all its inhabitants, including the care of one another.

In Jesus Christ, the full and complete image of God in human form, God present with us, Emmanuel incarnate. Jesus came as teacher, healer, reconciler, justice-seeker, prophet and Savior for all humankind. Jesus calls ordinary women and men into discipleship and the church catholic, eats with outcasts, teaches that all are children of God, heals the sick, and demonstrates the realm of God, and in his life, death on the cross and resurrection reveals the lengths to which God will go to in order to show mercy and bring life to all, and to demonstrate that absolutely no one is expendable. Through his trial, passion, and ultimately his crucifixion, Jesus exposed demonstrated the power of loving one’s enemies as the most pure expression of the character of God, and calls us to do the same.

In the Holy Spirit, the living breath of God in the world that continues to stir hearts and minds, to reveal the living Word of God incarnate through the written scriptures and in the world around us, and to stir and change God’s people to an ever growing and expanding understanding of God’s presence in the world and in one another.

The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament bear witness to this God, known throughout time and in different ways. Because God is revealed most clearly in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh, all of Scripture is most faithfully read through the lens of the life, work, and ministry of Jesus Christ, expressed in his love for humankind. Ultimately the love of God triumphs over all evil, violence, and prejudice to restore humankind to right relationship with one another and with God. The Church, made up of the people of God whenever and wherever they gather in community and ministry, is called to demonstrate God’s love in worship, ministry, and mission. The church’s worship, through prayer and sacrament, reflect a theology of hope, welcome, and love (lex orandi, lex credendi).
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