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Dec 2014

The Same Fruitcake

Some families have really sweet Christmas traditions of doing kind, loving things for one another. Sarah, for example, makes these really pretty Christmas Tree ornaments for Wallace, a new one each year of his life, so that the tree becomes a little like a scrapbook as he grows up. My family growing up, on the other hand, had a little different tradition. Specifically my dad and his sister, Bonnie, when it came to Christmas gifts.
To fully appreciate this, you should know that both Dad and Aunt Bonnie are the type of people who go to great lengths not to offend anyone, and who would bend over backwards to be kind to everyone they encounter.
But when it came to exchanging Christmas gifts, they threw all that aside for one week a year. The gift exchange went on a two year cycle. When I took notice, it had already been going on for some time. Aunt Bonnie sent dad a 2500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the woods. Everything was trees, trees and leaves, so consequently every piece looked pretty much the same. That same year dad sent Aunt Bonnie a fruitcake.
The following year, Dad was not one to be outdone. He scouted all over town until he found puzzle with something like 3000 pieces. And the entire puzzle was a gigantic red circle. No corner pieces. All the edge pieces were curved. And there wasn’t even any gradient to the red. It was all the same shade. One enormous 3000 piece red circle. My guess is that puzzle is still sitting unopened in a box somewhere. That year Aunt Bonnie sent Dad a fruitcake. But not just any fruitcake. That year Aunt Bonnie sent Dad the same fruitcake. The same year old (at least) dried out, 8 pound fruitcake. I’m not sure which one of them won Christmas that year. Read More...
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